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Elevates and shapes the eye brows and reduces forehead wrinkles Will elevate the soft tissue hood above the upper eye lids and cheek bones and eliminate some crows feet wrinkles. An excellent procedure for eliminating a tired or angry appearance and may improve peripheral vision. The procedure can be designed to lower the hair line to a more youthful level.

Average Cost

  • To be determined at consultation; fees depend on technique and complexity

Length of Surgery

  • 45 minutes to three hours


  • Outpatient – Local with sedation or general anesthesia

Recovery Time

  • Back to work in a week to 10 days
  • Vigorous activity in three to four weeks

Treatment Frequency

  • Usually once


  • Numbness, weakened facial muscles, infection, asymmetry, bleeding, irregular scar formation, altered hairline, hair loss adjacent to scars.

Duration of Results

  • Long lasting, though aging and gravity may eventually affect the results.

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