Fat Injections

Before and after photo of fat injections in a womans face

Fat Injections

Your body’s own fat is used as a soft-tissue filler. The results will have a very natural quality, be long term, and has have long term risk. Fat is removed from thighs, abdomen, or under the jaw with a low suction canula. The fat is then washed and prepared for transfer. To create a very natural rejuvenation, small needle like canulas are used to place hundreds of tiny pearls of fat in order to recreate youthful facial contours. The fat can also be used as a structural filler eliminate depressed areas or augment cheek bones and lips, or raise a deflated, sagging eye brow.

Average Cost

  • To be determined at consultation; fees depend on technique and complexity

Length of Surgery

  • Half hour to three hours


  • Local with sedation

Recovery Time

  • 7-14 days to return to work due to swelling and bruising – depends upon amount and location of fat infected
  • Full resolution of swelling will take 4-5 weeks
  • Treated areas will feel firm for 5-6 weeks before softening
  • Patients required compared to standard injectable fillers

Duration of Results

  • The fat that remains at 6-8 weeks is considered relatively “permanent”
  • Full correction may require two or three treatments
  • Areas of high mobility will lose more fat compared to stable areas.

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