Rhinoplasty cost nc


Surgery to reshape the nose by altering its size, angel, curves or proportions. Closed rhinoplasty employs incisions within the nostrils. Open rhinoplasty required a small incision in the columella above the upper lip. Functional rhinoplasty to improve breathing, often require reshaping the nasal septum along with the external structures.

Average Cost

  • To be determined at consultation; fees depend on technique and complexity

Length of Surgery

  • One to three hours


  • Local with intravenous sedation or General

Recovery Time

  • Return to work in 7-14 days.
  • Strenuous activity after three to six weeks.
  • No glasses for 6 weeks if nasal bones are reshaped

Treatment Frequency

  • Once


  • Bleeding, infection, asymmetry, unsatisfactory results, possible difficulty breathing, complications related to anesthesia.
  • Secondary procedures may be necessary to refine results.

Duration of Results

  • Permanent, but aging may affect results.

Rhinoplasty cost nc

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