Dental Extractions

Dental Extractions

Your dentist, orthodontist or Dr. Jelic may have determined that you need a tooth extracted for any number of reasons. Although the most common reason for extracting teeth is due to periodontal disease, the other cause for extraction are severe decay, root and crown fractures, crowding other teeth out of alignment, or are in such a position that interfere with additional treatment your restorative dentist plans.

Extraction of teeth may be a necessary part of the treatment of medical conditions such as radiation treatment, chemotherapy, or orthopedic joint replacement surgery.

The removal of a single tooth can have a major impact on the functional or aesthetics aspects of your dental health. Tooth loss leads to bone loss, difficulty chewing and dietary changes, shifting and crooked teeth, jaw joint discomfort, an unattractive smile, and compromised self-esteem.

To avoid these complications, Dr. Jelic will be sure you understand the alternatives to dental extractions as well as the methods for replacement of the extracted tooth including Dental Implants.

In many cases, Dr. Jelic can minimize the functional and aesthetic impact of losing a tooth by placing an Immediate Dental Implant at the same time of extraction. Immediate dental implants can negate to need for a retainer or temporary removable tooth replacements.

Cost of Procedure

  • $220 for simple extraction but may be up to $355 for more complex surgical extractions
  • Extraction of multiple teeth may require additional preprosthetic procedures

Length of Surgery

  • 20 minutes or more – Depends on complexity of extraction, the number of teeth, and if additional preprosthetic procedures are required.


  • Local anesthesia may be possible, but patients prefer sedation for complex cases.

Recovery Time

  • Depends upon age, patient health, complexity of the procedure, and other variables but generally back to work in 24 – 72 hours
  • Gradual return to vigorous activity beginning three to five days after surgery
  • Soft to chew foods are advised for approximately one week
  • Healing extraction site will be less noticeable after 10 days


  • Minimal but include infection, bleeding, bruising, damage to adjacent teeth
  • Be sure to consider Dental Implants to minimize the long term consequences of tooth loss.

If you are between the ages of 17-25 NOW is the time to have your Wisdom Teeth removed.

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