Orthodontic Bonding and Guided Eruption Of Impacted Teeth

Orthodontic Bonding of Impacted Teeth

The incidence of impacted teeth (other than third molars) is 2-3% with the upper canine teeth being the most common. These teeth can cause crowding of adjacent teeth, external root resorption neighboring teeth, infections, and pain referred to other areas of the jaws and face. Although these teeth can be extracted, the best method to manage these important teeth is to guide their eruption into correct position in the mouth. To guide the tooth eruption the crown of the tooth is surgically exposed and an orthodontic bracket is bonded to the crown. Your orthodontist will then place gentle traction with a rubber band in order to guide the tooth into correct position.

Average Cost

  • $500 – $1000

Length of Surgery

  • 30-60 minutes


  • Local anesthesia, local with nitrous oxide sedation, IV sedation

Recovery Time

  • Back to school or work the same day unless IV sedation
  • No limits to activity after 24 hours


Damage to adjacent roots, tooth may be ankylosed (fused to bone) and not move into position, need to re-bond the bracket

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