Sedation and Anesthesia

Sedation and Anesthesia

Anxiety is a natural response any unfamiliar experience. This is particularly true with an experience that may be associated with pain. Be assured, Dr. Jelic has the training, knowledge, and experience to make your procedure as safe, pleasant, and comfortable as possible.

Sedation and anesthesia is not just about putting you in a good mood however. An anxiety free and comfortable patient will have less physical stress. Less physical stress in turn, allows for such things as a lower heart rate, lower blood pressure, better oxygenation of the tissue, and less bleeding. All in all, a safer procedure. Less discomfort during a surgical procedure has also been demonstrated to translate into less post operative discomfort, less use of narcotic pain medications during your recovery, and a faster return to normal activities of daily living.

Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons learned these lessons many years ago and this is why the specialty has distinguished itself by the ability to provide patients with safe, effective outpatient anesthesia.

The best way to reduce anxiety is to make certain you know what to expect during your procedure and after surgery. As with most anxiety producing situations, the more you know, the less anxious you have to be. During your consultation, Dr. Jelic will design an anesthetic plan that fits your medical condition and the requirements of your procedure. This plan may involve just local anesthetics similar to those routinely used by your general dentist, or he may think a safer anesthetic would include oral sedatives, nitrous oxide (laughing gas), intravenous medications, or even a full general anesthetic. Don’t hesitate to discuss your anesthesia concerns during your consultation. Remember, the more understanding you have, the better your experience will be.

Dr. Jelic is Board Certified and a member of ADSA.

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