Smile Design

What is smile design?

“Beautiful form, is best achieved when anatomy is in harmony with healthy function. Stated conversely, treatment that is not harmonious with function, will be unsatisfactory or fail”

Jelic Center Smile Design Durham NC is a wholistic and detailed evaluation of your face, lips, gums, jaw joints and teeth prior to restoring …your smile.

Many times, restoring a missing tooth may be as simple as an Immediate Implant.

On the other hand, when dental restoration means getting rid of that slipping denture or replacing those crowns you got when you went over the handlebars as a kid, a more comprehensive and experienced approach is required. That is the purpose of the Smile Design Team at Jelic Center.

Creating a predictable, stable, long term successful restoration, is not based on aesthetics alone. Teeth represent an excellent and very obvious example of Wolff’s Law which states in its essence – form follows function.

Teeth, placed in the correct position, efficiently support the functional requirements of the oral-facial system such as proper muscle and jaw joint function, efficient and pain free chewing, proper word pronunciation, and unobstructed breathing.

Low and behold, the proper positioning and shape of the teeth for stress free harmonious function, creates the most pleasing smiles and attractive faces.

The pursuit of a comprehensive understanding for Wolff’s Law, directed Dr. Jelic’s 15 year course of oral and maxillofacial training. Wolff’s Law is the purpose for Jelic Center for Functional Aesthetic Maxillofacial Surgery. We have been very successful at fulfilling that purpose for over 20 years.

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