Surgically Accelerated Rapid Orthodontics

Surgically Assisted Rapid Orthodontic Therapy (SARO)

Surgically Assisted Rapid Orthodontics is a safe, effective, extremely predictable, treatment that allows tooth position to be moved 2 to 3 times further, and in 1/3 the time required for traditional orthodontic therapy. SARO greatly expands the capability of traditional orthodontics and can reduce the need for orthognathic corrective jaw surgery in certain situations.

SARO has also been labeled Periodontal Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics – PAOO, Orthodontically Driven Corticotomy – ODC, Corticotomy Facilitated Orthodontics-CFO, Surgically Facilitated Orthodontic Treatment, – SFOT, or Wilcodontics.

The surgical technique takes advantage of a natural biochemical wound healing process known as the regional acceleratory phenomenon (RAP).  This RAP is the same process of bone healing that typically occurs after bone fractures and dental extractions.  By harnessing the RAP reaction, the healing capacity of bone and soft tissue surrounding teeth is amplified and orthodontic treatment is tremendously enhanced.

SARO is an in-office procedure.  The bone surrounding each tooth is scored with an instrument to induce a microinjury. The injured bone tissue initiates the RAP biochemical response and this in turn, increases the bone cell population, as well as increases the activity of each cell.

In the first phase, the increase cellular activity decalcifies the surrounding bone.  In essence, the bone surrounding the microinjury becomes more like a very stiff taffy, rather than typical hard and rigid bone.

In the second phase, the population of cells migrate into the surrounding blood clot and bone and literally create more bone for the teeth to move into.

The teeth very rapidly align themselves according to your orthodontists plan and the bone then recalcifies into normal solid  bone.

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