What is Telemedicine Virtual Consult

Telemedicine consultation utilizes your computer or phone to create, a real-time, two-way communication between you and Dr. Jelic.

Although surgical treatment quite obviously, requires your presence in Jelic Center, initial consultations and certain post-operative visits, can be done from home or work.

Telemedicine benefits patients in the following ways:

  • Transportation: avoid spending gas money and time in traffic getting to Jelic Center.
  • Minimizes work or school absences: schedule a consultation during a work break or even after work hours.
  • Ease Childcare/Eldercare Challenges: Care givers that struggle to transport less mobile patients or who struggle to find care options, can use telemedicine solution.
  • Reduce the time you spend in the waiting room.
  • Improves care to our patients that commute from distance/out of state: allows more frequent/closer follow up as well as better communication with orthodontists and healthcare team members.

How to schedule your virtual consultation.

Use our red scheduling App at the right of the page, to request your consultation.

Jelic Center will contact you to:

  • Verify your appointment time
  • Answer any additional questions you may have
  • Text or email to you, the link for your consultation

At your scheduled time, click on the link and say hello – its that easy.

How is it Conducted?

  • At your scheduled time, click on the link we emailed to you
  • Dr. Jelic or his nurse will greet you at the scheduled time
  • With the exception of the limitations in the clinical exam, your virtual consultation will proceed the same as if you are in the office.
  • After Dr. Jelic has completed his consultation with you, our insurance/ financial counselor will take over and provide detail financial information and answer questions you may have about your treatment plan.
  • Your surgery or next appointment will then be scheduled
  • We can even take payments on-line.

A Brief History of Telemedicine Healthcare

During the Civil War, the telegraph was used to report casualties and injuries and, medical supplies were ordered. This is considered one the earliest adoptions of telemedicine technology.

In 1925, a cover illustration of the Science and Invention magazine featured a device imagined by Dr. Hugo Gernsback, called the “teledactyl.”  Based on the radio technology of the time, the device proposed video to view the patient and robot fingers to examine a patient, from afar.

Dick Tracy cartoon started in 1931 but he began using his two way wrist watch to tackle crime in 1946

In 1948, medical staff at two different health centers in Pennsylvania, shared radiologic images sent via telephone. The health centers were 24 miles apart from one another.

In 1959, physicians at the University of Nebraska transmitted neurological examinations across campus with medical students using two-way interactive television.

In 1961, a closed-circuit television link was built that allowed physicians to provide psychiatric consultations 112 miles away at Norfolk State Hospital.

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