Neck Lift

Woman holding her fingers to her neck

Neck Lift

Surgery to tightening the sagging neck muscle (platysma), softening the appearance of muscular mid-line bands (chords), and removing excess or hanging skin and fat. Incisions are located at the ear lobes and under the chin. May be performed in conjunction with a facelift and/or chin enhancement.

Average Cost

  • To be determined at consultation; fees depend on technique and complexity

Length of Surgery

  • Two hours


  • Local with intravenous sedation or General Anesthesia

Recovery Time

  • Return to work in seven to 14 days. Resume exercise in three to four weeks.

Treatment Frequency

  • Once, but results can be refined every 10 years.


  • Infection, bleeding, numbness, irregular scar formation, complications related to anesthesia

Duration of Results

  • Long-lasting, but weight gain and aging can influence outcomes.

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